Lawyer Argues Police Have No Right To Stop You At DUI Checkpoints

Article by Reagan Ali


Have you ever been pulled over at a DUI police check point? Even if you were not drinking, or perhaps aren’t even a drinker, these checkpoints fill many drivers with anxiety, as police officers scour cars they pull over for anything amiss.


Most of the tickets given out at these checkpoints are for seatbelt violations or other things not related at all to drunk driving and DUIs. If you have nothing to hide, waiting in line for these checkpoints is at best a time-consuming nuisance that might make you late for work or dinner.


But now, a bold lawyer is arguing that these checkpoints are not only unconstitutional, but that police do not have legal grounds to do anything but tell you to drive on if you present your drivers license at the window – with the window rolled up – and a sign that tells them you do not consent to a search, that you have no comment and that you want your lawyer.


Warren Redlich is a South Florida attorney, but he says this holds true everywhere.


Redlich explains that his goal is not to protect drunken drivers, but to instead inform innocent people about their rights to not be presumed innocent and illegally detained without probable cause.


Some clients, he explained, have never had a drop of alcohol, but if they rub police officers the wrong way, then they are slapped with DUI charges, because the officer claims he could “smell alcohol” on them or that their speech was “slurred.” It’s then up to them to prove their innocence in court.


“The point of the card is, you are affirmatively asserting your rights without having to speak to the police and without opening your window,” Redlich explained.


But Sheriff David Shoar of St. Johns County, president of the Florida Sheriffs Association says that “they wouldn’t be allowed out of that checkpoint until they talk to us. We have a legitimate right to do it. If I was out there, I wouldn’t wave them through. I want to talk to that person more now.”


One video from December 31 at a Levy County, Florida checkpoint, shows Redlich’s associate Jeff Gray with the flyer that his attorney suggested, along with his license, registration and insurance card, all in a plastic bag dangling outside barely cracked car window. The officers examine the contents, then waive him on.The flyer boldly states:


“I remain silent. No searches. I want my lawyer.”


“I’m not anti-cop. I’m anti-bad government and anti-bad cop. I support good cops,” Redlich said. “I would like if police didn’t waste their time with something like checkpoints and would focus their attention on violent crime.”


Have you tried this at a checkpoint before? Let us know what happened.


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First offense, jail time is up to 2 and a half years, a fine of $ 500-5,000, suspension of driving license for up to one year increased car insurance, probation and alcohol classes and / or drugs.
Second offense, jail time is 30 days to 2 ½ years, a fine of $ 600-1,000, license suspension for up to two years, a requirement to install an interlock device in your car that disables the car engine if your blood alcohol level is 0.02 or greater, probation, and / or hospitalization in a treatment program against alcohol.

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Third offense, jail time is up to five years, a fine of up to $ 15,000 license suspension for eight years, and Tempe, Arizona can take your vehicle and sell it.

Fourth offense, prison terms are up to five years, a fine of up to $ 25.00, license suspension for ten years.
Fifth offense, jail time is up to five years, a fine of up to $ 50,000, and the permanent revocation of license.

Common mistakes that are made after being arrested for DWI or DUI

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If found guilty, the sentence will affect your driving habits, insurance payments, and you could go to jail. If you do not attend court on the date assigned, will also jail sentence.

If you drive with a suspended license, you can end up in jail.

Discussing your case with someone who is not your lawyer. Anything you say can be used against you in court.

Hiring a lawyer is not competent to your specific case.

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Your right to drive is essential for a living for you and your family. If you have been charged with driving under the influence with any of the crimes mentioned above, it is important to seek legal representation immediately so you know your rights and how to protect them. Discuss your case only in the presence of a lawyer and hire an experienced lawyer who is devoted to obtaining the best possible outcome for you.

In the state of Arizona, alcohol consumption of students in the secondary is a common problem: about 314,000 teenagers say they drink every year. In 2007, teenagers drank 15.4 percent of all alcohol sold that year. This is equivalent to $ 748 million in sales and $ 367 million in profits for the alcohol industry. Alcohol consumption may contribute to homicides, suicides, injuries, drowning, burns, crimes to property, high risk sex, fetal alcohol syndrome and alcohol poisoning.

For people under 21 years of age it is illegal to drink alcohol, to buy or sell alcohol, and using a false identification to obtain spirit. This also includes driving a motor vehicle under the influence. The penalties for driving a vehicle while intoxicated include fines, license suspension and possible jail time. Other charges that occur in parallel with consumption of alcohol can include refusing to take a breathalyzer test, having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle, operating a motor vehicle to put others in danger and leaving the scene of an accident when someone has been injured.

These attorneys have over 50 years experience in this type of case. They take the time to gather all the facts of your case and advise you on your rights and options of defense. Also thoroughly investigate their case to explore all avenues of defense, including the opinions of experts when necessary. For an effective defense of OUI and free evaluation of your case, contact one of our lawyers.

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